HEAT (Heat Energy Assessment Technologies) is a FREE GeoWeb service, designed to help residents (i) improve their home energy efficiency, (ii) save their money, and (iii) reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by finding their HEAT Score, Hot Spots and visualizing the amount and location of waste heat leaving their homes and communities, as easily as clicking on their house in Google Maps.

Our Mission

HEAT's mission is to show 'what urban energy efficiency looks like', 'where it is located', 'what it costs' and 'what to do about it'. We believe that if people could see the waste heat they generate and if they knew how much it cost (financially and to the environment), that they would want to take action. We want to show them how.

Our Vision

HEAT's vision is to Empower the Urban Energy Efficiency movement by providing free, accurate and regularly updated waste heat solutions for the world.

Download the HEAT project summary in PDF.


  • 2013

    - Launched ~38,000 homes in Calgary
    - Launched a VGI tool for roof material classification
    - Presented at and - Won Judges' Choice Award at MIT Climate CoLab 2013
    - Won Grand Prize at MIT Climate CoLab 2013
    - Expand to 300,000+ homes in Calgary (Planned)
  • 2012

    - Applied Academic Research funding provided by    (1 year)
    - SaveHeat.co launched with 10,000 homes in SW Calgary
    - HEAT renamed to Heat Energy Assessment Technologies
    - TABI-1800 acquires thermal imagery (50 cm spatial,   0.05°C) for entire City of Calgary (25 × 35 km)
    - Presented HEAT papers at 6 Remote Sensing and   Technology Conferences (e.g., ISPRS, GEOBIA 2012,   ASPRS)
  • 2011

    - gets updated web presence
    - Published in Remote Sensing 3(8): 1743-1776
    - Published in Remote Sensing 3(7): 1380-1405
    - New TABI-1800 sensor acquires test data (1.0 m spatial,   0.05°C) over the City of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    - Presented HEAT papers at 8 Remote   Sensing/Technology Conferences (e.g., CSRS, CAG,   )
  • 2010

    - Published in GIM International 3(24): 13-15
    - Login information made available through GIM – first   public viewing of the website
    - Presented HEAT papers at 3 Remote Sensing   Conferences (e.g., IGARS, )
  • 2009

    - Advanced Research Project funding provided by    (2 years)
    - launched for Brentwood Pilot Study with   368 homes
    - Private login created for collaborators
    - Presented HEAT papers at 3 Remote Sensing   Conferences (e.g., CSRS, ASPRS)
    - MGIS thesis completed on HEAT
  • 2008

    - Pilot study (Phase I) initiated in community of Brentwood   using (2006) TABI-320 imagery (1.0 m spatial, 0.1°C)
    - HEAT (Home Energy Assessment Technologies) is born