MIT Energy Initiative Contest Winners Confront Climate Challenge

"...The grand prize winner, Dr. Geoffrey Hay and his team from the University of Calgary, took home the $10,000 award for their proposal HEAT (Heat Energy Assessment Technologies), a project that shows homeowners where their homes are wasting heat, how much it’s costing them, and how to fix it — all on Google Maps and all for free. The invention will help residents improve their home energy efficiency, save money, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions..." — MIT Energy Initiative

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University of Calgary HEAT Project takes grand prize at MIT conference on global climate change

"...An ambitious project spearheaded by Geography associate professor Geoffrey Hay, which uses a high resolution airborne thermal camera to meticulously measure waste heat leaving nearly 38,000 Calgary homes, received international acclaim Thursday, winning the $10,000 grand prize at the Climate CoLab Conference in Cambridge..." — University of Calgary

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Calgary Herald Researchers find wasted heat costing Calgary homeowners millions

"...Images collected by a sophisticated, thermal imaging camera on board the aircraft are now waking residents to the financial and environmental cost of the heat that’s silently seeping from their homes. A team of researchers at the University of Calgary used the images and city data to create a web-based map that shows potential greenhouse gas emissions for entire suburbs and pinpoints hot spots in each individual home where waste energy is escaping..." — Calgary Herald

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CBC News Home heat map tool good for wallets, earth: U of C experts

"...A new online tool could help Calgarians save money on their heating bills while combating climate change. University of Calgary researchers are using infrared thermal imaging to measure heat slipping out of people's homes, which costs homeowners money and emits greenhouse gases..." — CBC News

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CBC Radio Save Heat on CBC's The Homestretch

"...Geography professor at the University of Calgary Geoffrey Hay explains his new website that shows where houses in Calgary are losing their heat..." — CBC The Homestretch

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CBC Radio Heat mapping Calgary neighbourhoods

"...A new project based out of the University of Calgary is looking to create a "heat map" of Calgary homes and neighbourhoods - to find out which areas are less energy efficient than others. We talk to geography professor Geoffrey Hay about the project..." — CBC Eyeopener

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Climate CoLab by MIT Spotlight: Winning HEAT project inspired to scale up to 1 million+ homes

"...His graduate research team's proposal, Whose Home is wasting more energy, yours or your neighbours?, won the Judges' Choice Award in the Reducing Consumption contest. Here's his story..." — Climate CoLab by MIT

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37,914 ways to see whose home is wasting more heat. Yours or your neighbours?

"...When it comes to saving energy, there's definitely a role to compete with the neighbours. Dr. Geoffrey Hay gives us good reason to care about how much heat our average home is losing a year, and a way to track how we're doing in relation to others through the Heat Energy Assessment Technologies (HEAT) project..." — TEDx Calgary: Energy Full Spectrum

City Forward Citizens of Calgary, Alberta, Canada improve their home energy efficiency

"...Smarter Practices is a collection of case studies, white papers and data visualizations that illustrates urban best practices. The content is curated by City Forward and is contributed by project partners, industry experts and individuals who strive to improve the cities in which we live...." — City Forward Smarter Practices by IBM

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Cut your heating bills with new online tool

"...A team of researchers at the University of Calgary has developed a free website that allows you to see how much heat is escaping from your home – and how much it’s costing you. The team used a thermal imaging camera mounted in a small plane to measure heat loss from every home in Calgary..." —

37,914 ways to see whose home is wasting more heat. Yours or your neighbours?

"...As part of The Calgary Climate Change Accord (2009), The Calgary Community greenhouse gas (GHG) Reduction Plan (2010), and The City Sustainability Direction (2011), The City of Calgary, Alberta, Canada is seeking an implementation strategy to reduce GHG emissions and promote low-carbon living that is cost-effective, actionable and reaches a wide city audience. Recent literature shows that effective feedback increases public awareness and helps to significantly reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions..." —

Alberta Primetime Wasting heat

"...Some University of Calgary researchers have discovered, using thermal images and research data, that a shocking level of energy is being wasted by homeowners—thousands of dollars’ worth..." — Alberta Primetime

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Canada.com HEAT's on for greener lifestyle

"...Thanks to an initiative spearheaded by an associate professor of geography at the University of Calgary, living greener just became much easier, not to mention more fun. The innovative initiative by Geoffrey Hay — aptly coined HEAT, an acronym for Heat Energy Assessment Technologies — aims to improve urban energy efficiency through an interactive, web-based platform..." — Canada Classic Edition

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660 News UofC HEAT project recieves MIT award

"...A University of Calgary program has nabbed a $10,000 award from MIT. The Heat Energy Assessment Technologies (HEAT) project, links sensors to Google maps to help homeowners figure out much heat they’re wasting in their homes..." — 660 News

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The HEAT project has been awarded the MIT Climate CoLab prize

"...In seeking creative new ideas to address global climate change from the bottom-up, the MIT Climate CoLab announced today the grand prize and honorable mention winners of its 2013 round of contests..." —

UCalgary’s Geoffrey Hay and his team score victory at MIT Climate Conference by finding lost heat costs Calgary homeowners millions

"...In seeking creative new ideas to address global climate change from the bottom-up, the MIT Climate CoLab announced today the grand prize and honorable mention winners of its 2013 round of contests..." —

Calgary Real-Estate Review HEAT Project: Save Your Money & the Environment

"...Would you like to do your part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions? As an added bonus, what if it also meant you’d be improving your home energy efficiency and saving money too?..." — Calgary Real-Estate Review

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Thermal imaging project lets Calgarians see home's wasted energy

"...Calgary homeowners have a new high-tech tool to help them save money and reduce their impact on the environment. Aimed at improving urban energy efficiency, the HEAT (Heat Energy Assessment Technologies) project visualizes the amount and location of waste heat leaving homes and communities by using thermal imaging..." —