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"The great killer app of energy use: letting people know how they're doing relative to others. Comparison will change behaviours very quickly. Nobody wants to be the outlying energy hog."
— Alex Steffen at SXSW Eco Conference Keynote

What is HEAT?

HEAT (Heat Energy Assessment Technologies) is an award winning University of Calgary research project on urban energy efficiency. This FREE GeoWeb service is designed to help residents (i) improve their home energy efficiency, (ii) save their money, and (iii) reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by finding their HEAT Score, Hot Spots and visualizing the amount and location of waste heat leaving their homes and communities, as easily as clicking on their house in Google Maps.

Currently, the HEAT pilot project is based on 37,914 homes in NW Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We are working with partners to scale up to the full City of Calgary and its 300,000+ single dwelling residences. Your town or city may be next. Please let us know what you think, or sign up to be notified as more communities become available online.

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This research information is only for free-public, non-commercial use.

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