Social Economic And Environmental Impacts Between Sustainable Financial Systems And Financial Markets Paperback

Social, Economic, and Environmental Impacts Between Sustainable Financial Systems and Financial Markets (Paperback)

This book explores sustainable financial systems, sustainable finance, blended finance, ESG risk, and individual and institutional motivations of financial managers in the sustainability. It also examines the link between finance, financial systems, financial markets, and externalities--

Risk Management under Shariah Law : Products, Techniques and Competitiveness (Paperback)

This research provides insights on the competitiveness of the Islamic financial industry in relation to conventional finance in the future term by investigating the development and standardization of Islamic finance risk management products and techniques. Additionally, it examines whether Shariah law impedes the innovation and standardization of these products and techniques. The investigation of the topic is carried out on the basis of a descriptive analysis of topic-related literature and internet publications. Furthermore, it is supported b

The Pricing Ability of Environmental, Social and Governance Factors (Paperback)

Overuse of resources, increasing shortages of food, climate change, environmental pollution as well as numerous high-profile corporate governance scandals are examples that unsustainable economic activities constitute a threat to the well-being of humanity. As a consequence, the way we're doing business and the way we invest will change fundamentally in order to find a sustainable solution. The financial market crisis has shown that it is no longer enough to simply consider the three dimensions risk, return and liquidity. New aspects have to fi

The Impact of Community Based Ecotourism Projects

This book examines four Community Ecotourism projects in the Amboro National Park in Bolivia, which have been established by local environmental NGOs. The objective is to investigate the impact of these projects in the livelihoods and social relations in the communities. Furthermore, the analysis will also allow policy recommendations some extent. The main question that concerns this research is if the projects have been effective in reducing or alleviating poverty and vulnerability, whilst providing environmental sustainability. The research w

Corporate Goals & Responsibilities

This book is all about discussing, studying, debating and analyzing characteristics and implications of issues related to social and ethical responsibilities of a corporate house particularly in the light of economic recession that has driven many of them bankrupt: ethically, morally and financially. The book begins by asking the basis for corporate social responsibility (CSR) with arguments and discussions that being good corporate citizen, abiding and complying, regulations, ethical and moral principles, is the basic foundation for CSR in a c

Impact Investing. The Future of Investing? : A Holistic Introduction (Paperback)

Seminar paper from the year 2017 in the subject Business economics - Investment and Finance, grade: 1,0, language: English, abstract: Throughout the last decades, the global society has increasingly been debating about our responsibility to act in a sustainable and socially acceptable manner, both from a private and a corporate point of view. Over the course of this very discussion, governments, organizations and numerous institutions began to, among others, advocate sustainable energies such as wind and solar power in order to counteract the d

The Capacity of Welfare Regimes to Absorb Macro-Economic Shocks : National Differences in the Development of Unemployment, Poverty and the Distribution (Paperback)

The financial crisis, which struck the EU countries in 2008, was followed by the severest economic recession since the end of the Second World War. This book illustrates the development of unemployment, poverty and the distribution of income within the social systems of Sweden, Austria and Spain in the aftermath of the financial crisis 2008. Whether one country has been more effective in cushioning the negative impacts of the economic downturn and whether variations in the development of these socio-political indicators are attributable to the

The Sustainability of Oil Ports : An Holistic Framework for China (Paperback)

1. Introduction to the Port Sustainability Issue2. The Background to Oil Port Sustainability3. Methodologies for Framework Development for Oil Ports Sustainability4. A Qualitative Analysis of Oil Port Sustainability Frameworks5. A Quantitative Analysis of Oil Port Sustainability Frameworks6. A Framework for Oil Port Sustainability7. Conclusions

Sustainable Development

The present book is a good source for those who are interested in economic development, sustainable development and the role of duality and socio-economic differences among various regions of a country.Decreasing socio-economic dualities is significant in intranational and international levels since it will prevent poverty and inequalities. Moreover, it will prevent promotion of extravagancy against governments, countries and more developed areas. This book tries to explain effective indices and

Corporate Social Responsibility and Opportunities for Sustainable Financial Success (Hardcover)

This book explores innovative ways in which corporations and financial markets create value for society. It outlines potentials and resolving deficiencies in the implementation of corporate and financial social responsibility-- Throughout recent decades, corporate and financial social responsibility has steadily become recognized worldwide in the wake of globalization and political trends. These factors, as well as the current state of the world economy, have leveraged a demand for implementing responsibility into market systems. Studying the e

A Sustainability Analysis of Serbia's Current Account Deficit (Paperback)

Is Serbia's permanent current account deficit sustainable in medium and long term? In the first part of the book author tries to answer this question analysing factors such as current account structure, the cause of the current account deficit, the structure and volume of foreign capital inflow, the level of economic growth, real exchange rate appreciation, the structure and level of external debt, the level of foreign reserves, financial system stability, openness of the economy, political and macroeconomic stability and global

A Country-Specific Imf/wb SAP Model for the Agricultural Sector

Since 1980 an increasing number of Sub Sahara African (SSA) countries had adopted stabilizatioin and structural adjustment programmes with the support of the IMF and WB. But overtime increasing concerns started to be expressed, not only with the respect to the relevance of these programmes to SSA's long term development objectives but also with respect to their social, economic and financial impact. Although the adjustment programmes aim at restoring growth, generally through the achievement of fiscal and external balances and the free play of

Corporate Social Responsibility in India. Trends, Issues and Strategies (Paperback)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - the commitment of organizations to balance financial performance with contributions to the quality of life of their employees, the local community and society at large - is gaining worldwide value as a business tool and social effort. The review of literature suggests that many studies have been undertaken globally to understand CSR as a subject of management but there have been very few studies undertaken to understand the other dimension of CSR which is beneficiary (community) aspect of CSR, especially

The Impact of External Debt on Economic Growth in Cameroon (Paperback)

It is important to seek new avenues through which sustainable economic growth and there-of economic development, will gain traction in sub-Saharan Africa. To achieve this, there is the need to un-think previous economic development models and embrasse similar actions the Asian nations were bold enough to impliment. Specifically, bold financial reforms which will re-inforce the capital and money markets, labour market reforms and a deep re-evaluation of our academic system can go a long way to improve growth. In the aftermath of the global finan

World Bank Studies: Sustainable Urban Transport Financing from the Sidewalk to the Subway : Capital, Operations, and Maintenance Financing (Paperback)

Urban transport systems are essential for economic development and improving citizens' quality of life. To establish high-quality and affordable transport systems, cities must ensure their financial sustainability to fund new investments in infrastructure while also funding maintenance and operation of existing facilities and services. However, many cities in developing countries are stuck in an underfunding trap for urban transport, in which large up-front investments are needed for new transport infrastructure that will improve the still smal

Springerbriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology: Finance 4.0 - Towards a Socio-Ecological Finance System: A Participatory Framework to Promote Sustainability (Paperback)

This Open Access book outlines ideas for a novel, scalable and, above all, sustainable financial system.We all know that today's global markets are unsustainable and global governance is not effective enough. Given this situation, could one boost smart human coordination, sustainability and resilience by tweaking society at its core: the monetary system? A Computational Social Science team at ETH Zrich has indeed worked on a concept and little demonstrator for a new financial system, called Finance 4.0 inch or ju

Individual Behaviors and Technologies for Financial Innovations (Hardcover)

This book offers comprehensive examination of research on the relevance of individual behavior and technology to financial innovations. The chapters cover current topics in finance including integrated reporting, people finance, crowdfunding, and corporate networks. It provides readers with an organized starting point to explore individual behaviors and new technologies used in financial innovations. The explicit and growing speed of the spread of new technologies has hastened the emergence of innovation in the field of finance. Topics like the

Corporate Social Responsibility and its Implementation in the Daimler AG (Paperback)

Seminar paper from the year 2013 in the subject Business economics - Marketing, Corporate Communication, CRM, Market Research, Social Media, grade: 1,3, University of applied sciences, Cologne, course: Marketing, language: English, abstract: The sustainability of business activity is one of the key issues for companies in the 21st century. For it is stated as a fact, that the current way of use of our environmental resources is not adaptable for the future, companies have been taken into responsibility for not taking only their profits into acc

The Impacts of Tourism in the Southwest Province of Cameroon

Tourism is an activity which cuts across conventional sectors its required inputs of economic, social, cultural and environmental nature (L. Lickorish and C.Jenkins 1997) many countries in the developing world are embracing tourism as a result of economic benefits. It's a vital source of income for many countries. Hence Cameroon needs to enjoyed this phenomenon and for the past five years the government have lunched a marketing campaign to convert the country into one of Africa's tourism hot spots by attracting h

Economic and Social Development of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries (Paperback)

Economic Development, Trade and Investment: Determinants of Growth in SEMC.- Euro-Mediterranean Trade: Shallow vs. Deep Integration.- The EU-Turkey Customs Union: A Model for Future Euro-Med Integration.- Manufactured Exports and FDI.- Private Sector Development.- Sectoral Studies: Transport Infrastructure.- Agriculture.- Tourism in the Mediterranean.- The Textile Industry.- Information and Communication Infrastructure.- Financial Development: Determinants of Financial Development Across the Mediterranean.- Dynamics of Bank Efficiency in the EU