How To Turn Banks Into Public Servants Without Nationalising Them


Reforming the Public Sector in the Post-conflict Societies Contrasts in change Management Strategies and Cultural Factors affecting State-Society Relationships in Somaliland Somaliland peacebuilding was a successful and homogeneous process, during which most of state institutions were formed. In the following period of statebuilding, current reform initiatives that aim to develop state capacity managing the transition from a hybrid system to a modern state seems to be a risky business. Current trends in State-society relationships reveals that

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The Unfinished Global Revolution

Legendary Locals of Arlington - by Barbara C Goodman & Marjorie Howard (Paperback)

Book Synopsis From its days as the site of a Revolutionary War battle to its modern-day appeal as a restaurant mecca, Arlington, at its heart, is a community of active citizens. Once agricultural, Arlington is now a cosmopolitan suburb and home to businesspeople, scientists, artists, and others who have been supported by their town and, in turn, have created an energetic community. Peg Spengler's foresight helped shape town government while James McGough's dream of a museum honoring local sculptor Cyrus Dallin came true. Dentist George Franklin

How to turn banks into public servants without nationalising them

The Unfinished Global Revolution: The Road To International...

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